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Gianluigi Cassandra is a dual-qualified lawyer: Italian "avvocato cassazionista", registered with the Council of the Lawyers of Salerno and Freelance Solicitor, duly registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales, n. 629516.

He has been running his law firm in Italy since 1999 and on February 2016 he started to work in the UK. Gianluigi can provide a comprehensive range of legal services to Italian businesses and entrepreneurs located in the North West, as well as helping Italian private clients who are looking to invest in British properties.

In Italy, the law firm is based in Salerno (in the wonderful Amalfi Coast) and it has been created with the specific goal of building a professional structure able to give assistance and representation to clients in the fields of civil and commercial law. From the beginning, the necessity of a high degree of professional skill has been marked. The clients of the law firm are private citizens and companies of many different economic and business sectors.

The law firm supplies its clients with both skilful extrajudicial legal advice and representation before state and arbitral Courts. Avv. Cassandra can assist his clients in any part of Italy, not only because he has a branch office in Rome (where he was born), but also because he has connections with lawyers in many Italian regions.

In England, Gianluigi Cassandra works as a freelance solicitor and his office is in the heart of Manchester.
Greater Manchester’s resident population is now more than 2,900.000 people. The main city, Manchester, is growing fast but the whole region has a very strong economy that has enabled it to develop a strong reputation as a competitive place to do business. Manchester City f.c., Manchester United f.c., BBC and ITV are just some of the gems that increase its metropolitan boroughs’ economy.

For all said above, Avv. Gianluigi Cassandra has considerable experience assisting British and Italian clients, both in Italy and in the UK.

Here is a list of the professional fields that Gianluigi Cassandra deals with:

  • Contracts
  • Commercial Law
  • International business
  • Private international law
  • Insolvency 
  • Italian consular affairs
  • Legal Advice on Power of Attorney with validity in Italy
  • Family law  
  • Probate (only in Italy)
  • Judicial representation (only in Italy)
Law Services

Practice Areas


Gianluigi Cassandra offers assistance and advice to his clients in the contractual field, from the first

Commercial Law

Gianluigi Cassandra assists small and medium-sized companies, Ltd, limited liability companies, partnerships or cooperatives, both in

Italian Consula Affairs

Gianluigi Cassandra provides legal advice in all matters relating to Italian consular law, such as AIRE

Italian Citizenship

Italian citizenship is the condition of the natural person (called "Italian citizen") to whom the Italian

Probate in Italy

Gianluigi Cassandra offers qualified assistance, both in extrajudicial and judicial settings, to Italian and British clients

Change of Name – Deed Poll

Gianluigi Cassandra offers consultancy on change of name, both in Italy and in Great Britain. Furthermore,


Gianluigi Cassandra boasts broad experience in debt collection and insolvency both in the extrajudicial phase and

Family Law

Gianluigi Cassandra offers legal advice and assistance for problems relating to family law, not only to

Special and General Power of Attorney

Gianluigi Cassandra, in collaboration with British public notaries, offers consultancy on special and general powers of

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